What the kale, Jason Dufner?

Reigning PGA Championship winner Jason Dufner was tasked with selecting the menu for Tuesday’s champions dinner at the year’s final major. In the most unsurprising news since the latest Beyonce and Jay-Z rumor, Dufner picked Southern-inspired cuisine that was sure to thrill taste buds and completely torment arteries.

Fried green tomatoes with cheese, crab, shrimp, more cheese, grits and a butter biscuit to start? Check. A filet with potatoes and TOTALLY HEALTHY kale? Yup! The brownie of your dreams? Done and done. My heart hurts after just writing this paragraph.

Reportedly, the always-clever Dufner named the steak after his classic moment after winning the 2013 trophy. Because, of course he did.

And if you’re wondering what exactly a “cast iron brownie” looks like or you just feel like torturing yourself, feast your eyes on this thing of beauty.

I won’t judge if you suddenly decide today is a good cheat day for your diet.

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