This rocks: LeBron and Johnny!

Enjoy this Internet thing while you can because I’m pretty sure it’s about to completely break down. Pictures of LeBron James and Johnny Manziel TOGETHER are quickly circulating. The four-time MVP graced Cleveland Browns camp today with his presence and, of course, hung with his BFF Johnny. STOP THE PRESSES!

While LeBron is a self-proclaimed Dallas Cowboys fan, he’s made his Manziel friendship known and has been publicly supportive of the Browns’ decision to draft the QB. Hopefully LeBron broke the news gently to Johnny about the departure of his almost one-time party bro Andrew Wiggins due to the Kevin Love trade and assured him Love would make for a fine wing man.

LeBron also posed for photos with other players, watched practice and surely gloated to himself about his new teammate.

Just another day in the life of King James.

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