Offended By Radio Host, John Calipari Becomes 'John From Kentucky'

Just moments after leaving Mike Francesa’s radio show on Thursday, John Calipari heard the host say on air that Calipari wasn’t a good coach.

And then the REAL fun began. Calling into the program as “John from Kentucky,” Cal was all like “OH NO, YOU DIDN’T!”

Pointing out that Francesa could have shared the criticism while Calipari was, you know, sitting right next to him, the national championship-winning coach defended his ability and skills. And then Francesca hung up on him with his standard “Thanks for the call cause you’re gone” line.

Yes, this entire exchange actually happened and was thankfully recorded for your enjoyment.

Moral of the story: If you’re going to trash a public figure, don’t do it on the day he just graciously appeared on your show. At least wait a day or something.

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