Rory McIlroy's Old House Hits The Market, For $21,000 A Week

Looking for a new rental home and sick of scouring Craigslist? It might just be your lucky day! First, just a few basic questions. Are you willing to relocate to Northern Ireland? Is a paltry $21,000 a week (or $84,000 a month) an OK rent for you? No prob, right?

I’m just going to pretend you said yes to the inquiries above.

Pack your bags because your new home has just hit the market. Robinhall House, a 14-acre estate located about 20 miles outside of Belfast, features a nine-hole golf course and on-site golf pro, a tennis court, a private lake, an in-house movie theater and a private chef. Traditional Irish musicians are available upon request. Oh, and the former owner of the house is some guy named Rory McIlroy, who lived in this magical place with his ex-fiancé Caroline. Yes, THAT Caroline.

McIlroy sold the house in October of 2013 after moving to Florida but reportedly still plays on the course when he’s in his native country and blah, blah, blah. I know you really just want to see what $21,000 gets you.

See you in our dreams, Robinhall House.

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