John Rocker on 'Survivor'? That Should End Well

CBS announced the cast of the upcoming 759th season of “Survivor” on Wednesday. Notably joining the long-running series are Nadiya and Natalie Anderson, twin sisters from “The Amazing Race” who clearly love game shows, Reed Kelly and Josh Canfield, a Broadway-starring couple, and -- wait for it -- John Rocker and his girlfriend Julie McGee.

Yes, THAT John Rocker. This will TOTALLY end well, right? I can’t imagine anything controversial will happen during his stint on the show.

As you may recall, Rocker sent shockwaves through the sports world in 1999 when he made racist, homophobic and xenophobic remarks in a Sports Illustrated interview. The former Atlanta Braves star has since stayed in the headlines thanks to his own line of “Speak English” T-shirts and his admission of using steroids during his career.

Rocker told Entertainment Weekly (http://insidetv.ew.com/2014/08/27/survivor-john-rocker-amazing-race-twins-spider-man/) that he doesn’t believe his new castmates will have any issues with his past remarks. RIGHT. SURE. NO BIG DEAL, JOHNNY. He went on to compare them to baseball teammates. “I see these folks that I’m getting ready to play this game with as very similar to the 13 years of professional baseball that I played, and the teammates that I played with. Some of my biggest supporters after that SI debacle were my current and past teammates.”

Good luck, fellow Survivors. You’re definitely going to need it with this guy.

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