Even Robbie Hummel Is Releasing A Hip-Hop Album (We Think)

Minnesota Timberwolves forward Robbie Hummel took to Instagram on Wednesday to announce his upcoming hip-hop album. He posted the picture below with all the details your little heart could desire: “Excited to announce that I've been in the studio grinding and have finally finished my first hip hop studio album, ROB: Road to Redemption. Look for it in stores and on iTunes this fall. #getmysnareup #turnmyheadphonesup!!!”

The Timberwolves had the exact same reaction that you’re probably experiencing right now and posted what might be the most perfect response EVER.

Hummel, who hails from the rap hotbed known as Valparaiso, Indiana, insisted the album was real and went on to offer a sample rhyme and reach out to 50 Cent. Somehow, this all actually happened.

And you thought you had nothing to look forward to now that summer is almost over.

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