Texas A&M Fans Get In Yell-Off With South Carolina Fans

Unless you’ve been living in a basement with no wifi all summer or are just too temporarily preoccupied with the Brangelina news (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? I really can.), you’re probably very much aware the 2014 college football season kicks off today. And of course that means just one thing – crazy SEC fans.

On Wednesday night, a group of traveling Texas A&M fans decided to bring their “Yell Practice” tradition to the streets of Columbia ahead of tonight’s clash at South Carolina.

Needless to say, the Gamecocks fans were less than pleased with this plan and they took to the Capital city to defend their turf. Kind of like an updated “West Side Story,” minus any type of love story whatsoever or choreographed dance moves.

This of course resulted in some sort of chanting battle, where the rival fanbases yelled back and forth about their respective teams and likely thrilled those living in the downtown Columbia area who had to work this morning.

Yup, football is officially back.

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