Yani Tseng says bring on bad weather

It's been stormy and windy at Royal Liverpool Golf Club, but Yani Tseng has embraced the elements. Andrew Redington/Getty Images

HOYLAKE, England -- The sky was black Wednesday and the day punctuated by angry squalls. Laura Davies said there was "doom and gloom" among the caddies and the players as they talked of how long and tough the course could be over the next days. Yet, though she mentioned that the fairways were no wider than the table in front of her -- a table that would have accommodated six at best -- she was not about to join in the negative chat.

As far as she is concerned, the tougher the better.

It is the same for Yani Tseng.

"I feel like this is perfect," she said. "I'm happy for me. I will be hitting a 3-iron where others are hitting 5-woods or rescue clubs. The wind is blowing out there, so I am very looking forward to it. Friday, it's going to be like 40-50 mph, but if we are able to play, I'm excited to have this challenge."

Recently, Tseng listened to a Rory McIlroy interview and learned from it. McIlroy, like her, went through a bit of a slump during the summer. He has since hit back with three wins in four starts.

"I learned what he thinks and what he looks at when he is struggling," she said. "How he focuses on his own things and how he doesn't worry about how other players look at him."

Tseng said she will be going about her business with a smile this week. She braced herself before walking out into the latest storm. "I'm practicing my good body language," she said cheerfully.