espnW Summit reminds us that women matter

A snapshot from one of the many sessions at this year's espnW: Women + Sports Summit. espnW

I have long accepted the fact that I was in an industry that doesn't always make women feel good about themselves.

Sports media can be tough on women. Too many of us are still judged on how we look, rather than what we say or offer intellectually. Too many of us have been told we don't belong in sports, by insiders and outsiders. And those of us in this business occasionally have moments when we wonder if we're making any real impact.

The greatest part about attending the espnW Summit is that this conference creatively highlights a simple truth: Women matter.

You would be surprised how easy it is to forget, and how often it needs to be reinforced.

I'm surrounded by some extraordinary, forward-thinking and inspiring women whose boundless energy has revived my own.

On Tuesday, I moderated a "W: Power Talk" where three speakers were each given 10 minutes to leave the audience with some nugget that might make a difference in our lives.

All three speakers were fantastic, but after hearing former UCLA softball coach Sue Enquist's talk on how to be a "sustainable champion," I decided to adopt Enquist as my life coach. I see why she won an NCAA-record 11 national championships. I want to follow her everywhere (hopefully Sue won't serve me with a restraining order by the time the summit is over).

Anyway, one of Sue's directives was that we each try to be "one-percent better" every day. Well, I reached one percent the moment I was invited to this summit.

And now that I've met so many amazing women and have been encouraged by our shared experiences, I'm definitely playing with house money on the improvement scale.