Highlights of a road trip

Travel with the Trojans (3:57)

Emily Young takes a camera along on a road trip with the USC volleyball team. (3:57)

"Film anything and everything." That's all I was told as I checked out the flip camera for our weekend trip to the Bay Area. GULP! How do you stick a camera in the mix and get people to act natural yet engage the camera and audience?

Faithfully, I carried the camera with me, all weekend, joking that none of the footage would ever make the blog. The average length of my clips was perhaps three seconds, my voiceovers were horrible, and I never had a steady hand. When I handed in the camera, I was sure the footage would never be released.

I sat down, and my mind overflowed with all the fun things that happened on our weekend road trip and couldn't focus on one. Then, a miracle happened. Slowly but surely, my clips turned into a montage of moments from the weekend and I actually accomplished what I had set out to do: give you an inside look at our volleyball road trips.

So with the video (that shows you everything we did but volleyball itself), I leave you with this poem ...

I wish I could write about my day with Christopher Isherwood's prose

I have the passion, a story, just not the diction to dispose

I'd write to you about my life -- my day, my weekend, this year

For it's not the fact of being boring that lays my biggest fear

Because sometimes, in fact, I am boring and that's not a crime I'd call

But despite the words I write on this page, I can't make you feel it all

When I think of this weekend, I smile. What a fantastic time we had

Playing, winning, downtown San Francisco -- we had fun ... aren't you glad?

So I share with you these moments, so that you can hopefully see

How absolutely phenomenal it is to play at USC