We're excited to be regular-season champs

Florida State's Tiana Brockway will be playing her last ACC regular-season game Thursday night at Miami. Larry Novey/FSU Athletics

It’s official, for the second time in school history, we are regular-season ACC champs! Accomplishing one of our many goals for the season feels great. To sit atop one of the most competitive and talented conferences in the nation is an honor.

It is so exciting to be part of this team. I was also fortunate enough to be part of the 2009 FSU team that shared the ACC regular-season title with Boston College. It feels even better to do it a second time.

This accomplishment begins to set a precedent for the goals and standards expected within the FSU program. Winning the regular season was no small feat. Every team in the ACC is challenging and competitive. Each team brings its own characteristics and strategy, making every single game a test of character and talent.

Eight of the 11 teams have been nationally ranked, and although the schedule looks daunting at times, it will help us in the long run.

The competitiveness and strength of our conference is a huge advantage in our preparation throughout the season. Playing against great opponents helps us refine our skill set and keeps a high level of focus on our technical abilities. Although national rankings are what each ACC team has in common, the style of play is what separates everyone.

These diverse styles help us prepare for teams we have never played outside the ACC. This gives us an opportunity to measure ourselves against teams that are mainly athletic, or teams that play a simple, more collective style.

Also, there is a good chance we will see conference teams later in the season during the NCAA tournament. In fact, three out of the four teams in the College Cup last year were from the ACC.

Winning the regular season also has its advantages. Being the first seed in the ACC tournament, we get another opportunity to play in front of our great fans on our wonderful home turf. Playing at home is such an amazing atmosphere, and we are so excited to share it with all of our fans. They really spoil us with their constant support and enthusiastic cheers each time out.

With the postseason right around the corner, I can’t help but wonder where the season went. There’s just one more regular-season game, and it’s against our intrastate rival and conference foe, Miami, Thursday night in Coral Gables.

I am officially wrapping up my regular-season career here at FSU, but this team still has so much farther to go and so much to play for. I am so excited for the journey into the postseason.