Seeing the sights on Parents' Weekend

Emily Young visited the Griffith Observatory during her parents' visit to Los Angeles. Courtesy of Emily Young

Last weekend was USC Parents' Weekend on campus. Fortunately, we had a pair of home matches, so my parents flew out from Illinois to see me. They are actually staying in California for the entire week, so on one of our rare off-days, they took me to one of the L.A. landmarks I have on a list of things to see while I’m here at school: the Griffith Observatory.

The Griffith Observatory is an iconic landmark that is north of L.A., right near the Hollywood sign. It’s been in a number of movies, most notably (for me, at least) "Yes Man" with Jim Carrey.

My parents took me there on Monday, because we didn't have afternoon practice. I could barely grasp just how much you can do when you don't have afternoon practice, but I was in awe of just how close I live to the Griffith Observatory. It is right down the street from our campus.

One of the many unique things about the observatory is the number of recreational walking and hiking trails that surround it, not to mention the great view of L.A. it has when you make it to the top. It was breathtaking to overlook the entire city from up there.

I love when my parents come out to visit me. With them, they always bring a piece of home along with their unconditional love. I'm fortunate to have spent a lovely afternoon with them showing off what it means to be a part of L.A.