Thankful for the USC Trojan family

This year, I am especially thankful for the blessings that playing my sport has come with. In particular, I’m grateful to be a part of the Trojan Family.

Like many NCAA Division-I athletes, between playing my sport and having to handle all of my school responsibilities, there often isn’t time to make the journey home (to Illinois) for Thanksgiving. For the Women of Troy, we had a practice on Thanksgiving morning so we could prepare for our regular-season finale against UCLA the next day.

This Thanksgiving, I was welcomed into Hannah Schraer's home to spend it with her wonderful family. I was received with open arms, hugs and kisses, and had a fabulous time.

As a second-year guest at the Schraer Thanksgiving, I had the honor of saying grace. I wanted to pass this blessing on to you and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and happy holidays!

A Thanksgiving Poem

Dear Lord, pass the turkey

Stuff us with your love and grace

Spoon me some cranberry sauce

With your blessing, let us taste

Gathered here, together

Spoon, fork, and knife

Corn soufflé and butter

Glad to have you in my life

Brussels sprouts and yams

Fill me, nice and tender

Don't have too many

They are gaseous, remember!

Those closest to my heart

Sharing this meal filled with love

Just think ... there is still pie

For our countless blessings I thank above