I bonded with my dad over love of game

Maggie Lucas' dad, Al, helped hone her basketball skills and showed her the value of hard work. Courtesy Maggie Lucas

This was another fun and exciting week for our program as we came off a loss at Minnesota with a win at Nebraska that solidified us as the outright Big Ten champs.

Another exciting part was knowing my dad would make one of his appearances on this trip. Once or twice a season, he chooses an away game to attend, and this time it was at Minnesota. He and my mom would seriously come to every game if they didn’t have to go to work, like the responsible adults they are!

My dad, Al Lucas, is pretty well known at my games for his intensity and, of course, for reppin’ his favorite daughter’s No. 33 T-shirt.

My dad has been a gigantic part of my basketball success -- my first basketball influence. He played ball in high school and has always loved the game as much as anyone I know.

Early on, I bonded with my dad over our shared love of the game. We would spend hours and hours down at the Narberth courts, on our driveway hoop and at the St. Joseph’s gym honing my skills. I can remember on snowy days when we couldn’t shoot outside or when our gym was closed, my dad and I would drive all over to find a gym that might be open just so we could get a few shots up.

My dad also taught me to be a student of the game. He would take me to men’s and women’s college games and point out players I should keep my eye on. He bought me the “Pistol Pete” Maravich instructional videos, so I could learn from one of the greats about the drills he used to do.

But the most important thing I learned from my dad didn’t come from watching other players or instructional videos. It came from watching all the hard work he puts into his job for our family. He showed me that the more work you put in, the more successful you can be. I have always looked up to him for that.

I know both my mom and dad are looking forward to this postseason. They will be making the trip to the Big Ten tournament this weekend and then wherever we end up for the NCAA tournament. I always look forward to seeing them in the stands and feeling their support.

This week, the Lady Lions are busy preparing for the Big Ten tournament. We will play the winner of the Ohio State-Minnesota matchup.

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