Dreaming of more in NCAAs

After the excitement, adrenaline and celebrations from our CAA championship began to slow for the night on Sunday, I was able to lie in bed and really soak in the feeling of being a champion. Eventually, I dozed off and my thoughts shifted to whatever my dreams for that night brought. But the minute my eyes opened in the morning, I was reliving the incredible feelings that are brought on by an accomplishment as fulfilling as being a conference champion.

I think most athletes can agree that waking up after a big win is an indescribable feeling. While your body may ache, you get to savor the feelings of success and happiness from knowing that your team was successful. I was fortunate enough to wake up with these exact feelings Monday morning. I was able to scroll through my Twitter timeline and see the excitement from our student body, my teammates and the city of Newark, Del.

I was able to spend most of Monday truly enjoying the victory. I stopped at my dad's office and talked about the game and the whole CAA tournament with him and my brother, Gene. I was texting my teammates and the rest of my family, being sure to stay in the moment and enjoy the team's success and the accomplishment of securing back-to-back CAA championships. But, as with most athletes, after taking the time to enjoy this moment, I quickly shifted my focus to the future.

I got ready to leave to meet my teammates, family, Delaware students and season-ticket holders for the selection show to see what the rest of our season would bring. Monday was a day to enjoy Sunday's victory; Monday night was a time to prepare for future success. I headed to the selection show very excited to see what Delaware's NCAA trail looked like!

When I got back from the selection show watch party, the first thing I have to say is that our fans are the best! We packed the atrium of the Embassy Suites and we were loud. We are very excited about our No. 6 seed and the draw that we have for the tournament. We know that we are going to focus on one game at a time. All of our focus is on beating WVU in Round 1. Having the opportunity to host the first round of the tournament at the Bob is amazing. We will have the fans behind us in the stands, our sixth man. Until next time ... go, Blue Hens!