We're ready for beignets -- and the Final Four

Layshia Clarendon has helped the Cal basketball team to its first Final Four. AP Photo/Elaine Thompson

Best start in school history, longest winning streak, first Pac-12 Title, highest tournament seed, first regional title, first Elite Eight and Final Four appearance in school history.

Anyone who has caught a glimpse of our warm-up stretches, pregame shots, or that postgame celebration on Monday knows that we are a team that likes to have fun and enjoy the moment.

So it only made sense that while interviewing my teammates and asking them what they were most excited about in New Orleans; I received consistent answers surrounding the food and festivities that await us. Reshanda Gray said, "Oh New Orleans, definitely the crawfish." Others said, the Cajun Culture, the urban experience, the decorative masks, and most importantly as I screamed in my postgame interview Monday night; THE BEIGNETS!

The Golden Bears will definitely be making a trip to the world famous Cafe Du Monde and soaking in the unique Final Four culture we will all be experiencing together for the first time.

So how do we balance the dancing, singing and utter silliness and still focus on the scouting report, lock in and get a stop, and finish games in overtime? Why is Coach G OK with us making music videos in the middle of the season?

Because the work ethic is ingrained; it is who we are and what we do. It isn't something that needs to be discussed a whole lot, but practiced and embodied in each step we take as a team. Whether the clock is winding down in a guard-post breakdown drill, a race against the clock in 27 in 2 and a half or getting a stop with a minute left in overtime … this team leaves all we have on the court, for each other, for our coaches, for our university, because we don't know any other way. One drill, one sprint, one practice, one game at a time -- we focus on gratitude, loving each other and exuding Cal basketball. Being us is a way of life rather than a slogan.

Go Bears! Everyone check out our music video!! It's a perfect example of who we are -- a fun-loving group!