I followed my heart, and it worked out

Elena Delle Donne played her last game for Delaware in an NCAA regional in Connecticut, and she couldn't help but think about her decision to transfer as a freshman. John Woike/Hartford Courant/MCT via Getty Images

As I walked off the court in Bridgeport on Saturday afternoon, it hit me that my college career was finished. I would never again suit up in a Delaware uniform and take the court with the girls I had played with for the past four years.

This thought made me sad instantly. I have truly enjoyed my time representing the University of Delaware and have created friendships with my teammates that will extend well beyond our playing years.

The way the season ended was ironic in a sense. I never pictured my career ending in Connecticut in a gym full of Huskies fans. These fans were incredibly welcoming. Several stopped me to tell me that they are still fans and that they understood my decision [to transfer]. Several said they were extremely proud of the courage that I showed.

While no one likes to see a season end, especially not with a loss, I was able to leave that arena with a sense of pride. I was proud that my team did not give up, proud that we went to the Sweet 16 for the first time in school history.

But more than anything, I was happy that people were able to accept and understand the decision that I'd made years before. I was able to finish my college career knowing that the 18-year-old girl who made a drastic decision years earlier did the right thing. She followed her heart, and everything worked out.