With move to Jets, Tebow changes pup's name

Ed Mulholland/US Presswire

Tim Tebow is changing his dog’s name.

It seems the Jets' new backup quarterback got a puppy last season while he was in Denver and named the little guy Bronco.

For the same reason you never want to tattoo a boyfriend's name on your neck, Tebow plans to change the dog's name; he has moved on. At the Jets' practice facility Wednesday, Tebow said he plans to rename the dog Bronx. There are two reasons why that works -- it's in the geographical neighborhood of where Tebow now plays, and the two words sound similar enough that the dog shouldn't get too confused.

When I initially tweeted this (I asked because I, too, have a Rhodesian Ridgeback like Bronco, um, Bronx), a lot of people asked why this is news. Agreed, no one at the Jets popped off about a teammate, which constitutes a relatively slow news day.

But you can tell a lot about the way a man treats his dog. Mitt Romney will never live down the way his Irish Setter traveled on one family vacation to Canada. At least Tebow didn’t strap his puppy to the top of the car and haul him from Denver to New Jersey.