It was awesome to see UT athletes dressed up

Freshman Taylor King, senior Taylor Hoagland, senior Kim Bruins and junior Taylor Thom pose for photos at the women's athletic banquet Monday, which was televised on Longhorn Network. Sarah Fetters/University of Texas Media Relations

Hey y’all, it’s me again!

While this week has been ridiculously crazy because it’s the last week of classes, it has also been an exciting one for Texas softball.

Fresh off a weekend sweep at Texas Tech, we started the week off with Longhorn Honors: Women's Athletics on Monday night. The banquet honors the 2012-13 student-athletes, and it was televised live on Longhorn Network.

You know it’s bad when people ask where the softball team is, when we’re all standing right in front of them. I guess that means we should start brushing our hair more. It was so awesome to see the women of UT Athletics all dressed up.

One of the best parts was seeing all the basketball and volleyball players in their high heels. Those girls have no shame. They’re already 6 feet tall, and on top of that they’re sporting five-inch pumps! I had to get a picture with them just to make myself feel small for once.

Senior tributes were a sad moment during the banquet. Every so often a video was played about each senior from every team talking about what she will miss and what Texas means to her. Blaire Luna, Torie Schmidt, Kim Bruins and I would look at each other during each other’s videos and give that “I can’t believe this is the end” look. But we don’t really look at it as the end, rather the beginning.

Although Senior Day is just around the corner on May 12, we have our sights set on June 6. With school almost over, we get to just hang out and play softball! Next week is finals week (pray for us), so once we get past that we are home free.

This weekend we are headed to Stillwater, Okla., to play Oklahoma State for our last road conference series, and then it’s back to the great state of Texas to finish up conference play with a game against Baylor.

Wednesday was a light practice for us, focused mostly on our short game and getting live at-bats. But then Coach Clark decided to throw a Hail Mary on us and surprise us with ice cream at the end of practice. I’m almost positive our athletic trainer was having a mini heart attack when Torie got a medium birthday cake and cookie dough with fudge brownie pieces concoction. When there’s ice cream on the line, Texas softball will stop at nothing.

Not that I don’t absolutely love keeping y’all entertained with our lives here in Austin, but it’s time for me to get my study on.

Until next week, Hook ’Em!