Hi, y'all! My not-so-ordinary trip to Lafayette

Ashley Hansen, right, and teammates Jenna Becerra, left, and Maya Burns face Baylor on Friday. Stanford Media Relations

After only a travel day between now and my last blog, I would usually not have anything to talk about. The blog would explain how we got to the airport and got through security, and it would probably be the most boring blog ever posted on the Internet. But, lucky for you, we didn't have an ordinary day of travel Wednesday.

We left campus around 8:45 a.m. in the morning and arrived at a special area of San Jose International Airport where a chartered plane stood in front of us. This was our first time on a chartered flight and, needless to say, we were enjoying the high-class lifestyle. We shared the plane with Oregon State, yet still had plenty of space to spread out, lie across entire rows (or, for some girls on my team, spread out their homework across multiple seats) and enjoy our long flight across the country. Seniors even got upgraded to first-class seats after we dropped Oregon State off in Oklahoma City.

Lafayette, La., is everything I imagined it would be, just not as humid as I expected, thank goodness. Southern hospitality has definitely lived up to its name; after practice, one of the workers who has been at ULL for over 30 years escorted us to an area with tables full of homemade cookies, fresh fruit and Mardi Gras beads! We've been down here for just a short time and I've already casually used "Y'all" in a conversation. The hotel also sits along a river that advertises bayou cruises ... how much more Louisianan can it get, right? The country girl inside me is definitely coming out.

I'm having a great time down here, but I can't wait for the games to start. The anticipation of this week will finally end Friday afternoon. We practiced at ULL's facilities Wednesday and, to put it as simply as possible, our team is ready. We have the talent, the drive and the will to win -- now we just need to make it happen on the field. Talk to you after the weekend!