Night from the heart

The San Antonio Silver Stars paint the court pink for their Breast Cancer Awareness game. Courtesy San Antonio Silver Stars

The San Antonio Silver Stars' Breast Cancer Awareness game holds a special spot in my heart. It is truly special to be a part of something that raises funds for and, more importantly, awareness of a disease that affects so many.

Wearing the pink uniform and pink shoes goes so much further for me than just the color. To me, pink stands for the awareness we are raising, the survivors we are supporting and all those we have lost to breast cancer.

Like many others, my family has been touched by breast cancer. It has become something that people are no longer afraid to talk about, and events such as the Breast Cancer Awareness game are important for providing information about the disease, including early detection.

I am proud to say that I have a grandmother and cousin who have survived breast cancer. I remember the day when my mom told me about my grandmother, and the day she told me about my cousin. Thankfully, in both cases it was caught early enough for them to survive. Through their experiences, I was able to learn more about breast cancer, early detection and the emotional roller coaster that people go through when fighting for their lives.

I have been a part of many events that support breast health awareness. One of the best memories involves my rookie year. I went to an event in which all proceeds were going to combating the disease. I wasn't sure what to expect or who was going to be there.

Throughout the night, I met survivors, lawyers, doctors, teachers and other powerful women, all standing for one cause. It was a unique experience seeing how strong these women were individually and also as a group. Near the end of the night, every woman in the room put on pink gloves and we filmed a music video while everyone had their pink gloves in the air.

You could truly feel what these women were giving to all those who were going to watch the video in need of support. I think it is very important for all women to understand how big of an impact we can have together in fighting this disease.