It's been rough start to season

Senior captain Becca Wann sustained a concussion in the second game of the season, ending her career as a soccer player. Frank Straus

The start of the Spider soccer season has been nothing like anyone expected. Our record is 1-4-1 as we’ve played some tough competition in our nonconference schedule.

We battled a strong and athletic Princeton team and lost to an unbelievably talented Virginia team that could contend for a national championship. The unexpected nature of this season is only in part because of our record. Less than a month into our 2013 campaign, we have had three season-ending injuries.

If you're reading this and have spent any time in the sports world, you know how difficult dealing with these injuries can be for any program. I would be lying if I said the start to our season wasn't especially hard for me.

Freshman forward Meaghan Carrigan and junior midfielder Drika Bianchin went down with ACL injuries. As a senior captain, and a member of the University of Richmond basketball team, I have seen (and dealt with) my fair share of knee injuries, and it never gets any easier to walk through that with a teammate. The emotional toll this takes on a team, whose motto is OHANA (which I will explain later), is difficult to swallow.

The third injury I eluded to hits even closer to home. In our second game of the regular season, I sustained a concussion that ended my career as a soccer player.

I was blessed with an incredible 14-year career that included not only a Division I scholarship at a great school, but the chance to win a gold medal at a World Cup playing for the U-20 women’s national team. Focusing on my career-ending injury would only take away from the good memories I’ve had prior to the concussion.

This team is resilient. Despite the adversity and disappointment that has plagued our season, our strength hasn't wavered. I mentioned our motto OHANA, which, if you are an avid Disney watcher, you know comes from the film “Lilo and Stitch’’ and means "family."

This team truly is a family and would do anything for each other. Families play for each other. OHANA to our team represents those who step on the field and play not only for themselves, but more important, for those who are unable to compete.

I’m excited to see what the year has in store for us. I’ll chronicle our season through this blog. For more information on our team, please follow us on Twitter: @Spider_WSOC.

Go Spiders!