Postseason never gets old

The playoffs never get old. The competition increases, physicality escalates, tempers rise and every play matters.

We have worked so hard in the regular season to get to this point, and it means absolutely nothing going forward. The playoffs are a clean slate to either right your wrongs or go home (actually, in a lot of cases, it might mean heading back overseas for the offseason).

I can remember back to my rookie season and my first professional playoff experience. Lisa Leslie was my teammate, and she told me to enjoy the moment and own it or someone else or some other team would. I was naive. At that time, I took the game for granted. My expectation was that Los Angeles would be playoff-bound and I would be healthy forever. As a young rook, at this time in my career, I imagined I would have three to four championships.

A last-second dagger by Sophia Young, a beautiful daughter, one shoulder injury, one knee injury and a devastating loss to Minnesota all proved to be solid doses of reality and a reminder every day to continue to work hard. At 27, I am humbled because of my journey, and I understand that moments like these don't come around all the time.

The playoffs are a chance to seize and enjoy a moment in time. Going forward into the postseason, I understand and am living proof that adversity builds character and reveals it.