Finally, we return to home court

After a loss to Georgia Tech and a come-from-behind win over Clemson last weekend, Florida State was more than ready to return to friendlier confines. Courtesy Phil Kelly

The second week of conference play consisted of a lot of ups and downs. We are still in search of our groove and trying to reach our potential.

Unfortunately, we suffered our first conference loss of the season on Friday night in my home state against Georgia Tech. For whatever reason we couldn’t find a way to win, and it ended in disappointment. A positive note for me was that I got to see a lot of friends and family after the match.

Ever since I started playing I have had the best support system. My parents try to get to every match they can, and since I was in my home state, just 30 minutes from my hometown, friends and family made their way to Georgia Tech to watch the match.

I got to see my brother, my best friend, my high school coach, an old teammate and family friends. It is always great to see those who keep me going. I wish the match went the other way for us, but unfortunately, we couldn’t pull through.

Right after the match we loaded up the bus and drove to Clemson for our match the next day. We didn’t play until later that night so the day was pretty relaxing leading up to the match. We went to serve and pass and then watched our football team win 63-0.

Finally, 6 p.m. came and it was time to get in our zone. Before the match started, we learned that we would have to play without our starting libero. At intermission we found ourselves down 0-2, but we were not going to give up. We’ve come back before, and we planned to do it again. That is exactly what we did.

Despite playing down in the first two sets, we came back to win the match in five. Playing without our libero, Katie Mosher, who has dominated on defense the past two years, was a test for us. With four people with double-digit digs and the team combining for 84 digs, we overcame adversity and came away with the win.

Even though we have a loss in conference play, it doesn’t change our ultimate goal of fighting for the ACC title.

Now, after nine matches, we will finally be returning to the comfort of Tully Gym! It’s been a long and exhausting month being away every weekend, so we are ready to have our fans, parents and band behind us on our home court when we play Maryland and Pittsburgh.

“It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get up.” – Vince Lombardi