Traveling to the NCAA tourney in style!

The Duke women's basketball team traveled to Nashville, Tenn., for its first- and second-round games. Duke Athletics

Following three practices this week since Monday's Selection Show, the entire team is excited about getting started with the NCAA tournament. We will be playing against Samford in the first round Sunday in Nashville, Tenn.

We headed out on Friday afternoon following practice via a very nice charter plane. It was a little different, yet great because we were able to all sit in first class. It is quite a change from how we usually travel. Don't get me wrong; we normally travel on charter planes, but they are usually only 50-seat charters with no first-class seating. This plane was a normal 757 with 14 first-class seats, and we had the band, cheerleaders, staff and team on board. It was great to have the entire team in first class.

We have been practicing and tightening any loose ends we had this week. It's game time!

We are extremely excited to kick this tournament off. After arriving in Nashville on Friday night, we had a very nice team dinner at Flemings. We have one more day of practice, press conferences and then DWB starts the tournament! We're taking it game by game and will play each one like it's our last.

Let's get it started!