The big pre-Olympics question: What to pack?!

Tobin Heath

U.S. national team midfielder Tobin Heath will be blogging for espnW through the London Olympics and sharing her experiences from the road. Her debut entry below deals with the always tough question: What to pack for a trip. You can also follow her on Twitter: @tobinheath.

Here is what I can't forget to pack …

1. Nike studs. These cleats are tights. They aren't just super good-looking, but they also allow me to get super-technical. No. 98 is my childhood jersey number. Always have to bring it back to your first love.

2. Watercolors. I get in weird creative moods when I'm traveling. Colors always brighten me up.

3. Hillsong album. This one is called “Cornerstone.” Just released. Already overplayed. I brought some extras with me for some of my teammates.

4. Jesus action figure. This was given to me by one of my teammates a few months back as a joke; but he’s become part of the family. A good travel companion.

5. Monopoly Deal. An addicting card game that had us entertained for hours/days during the World Cup. Definitely has brought out the worst of me at times.

6. Harry Potter wand. This was a birthday present from my best friend. I was told that I needed to take it everywhere and take random pictures with it. I was all for that.

7. Surfing Magazine. I love reading surf magazines. I love the ocean. And I love my teammate Kelley O'Hara for getting me a subscription for my B-day. Thanks, chica!

8. Rosary. This was given to me by my aunt. She passed away last year after an over eight-year battle with cancer. She lived with so much joy even during the hard times. Pure inspiration.

9. Note from me Mum. Definitely gonna shed a tear or two reading this one. A true source of encouragement in my life. Love you, Mom!

10. Green pen. This pen cost me $25! I use it to write deep, meaningful thoughts. Or not.

11. My bible. TRUTH. Read daily.

12. Compass. A life gift from my sister. It's so I never lose my way.