Great outlook for New Year

Colorado started the New Year with a loss at USC but bounced back with a win at UCLA. AP Photo/ Brennan Linsley

Happy New Year, everybody! This year is going to be a great year for me and my team. We all still have the same dreams and mentality. We believe we are good enough to finish in the top half of our conference and are determined to make another NCAA run. The possibilities are limitless.

With this attitude and outlook for the season, a lot of work has to be done. We still have to be sharp and focused every day in practice. We must continue to work together and bring high-intensity defense. We have a tough first-half conference schedule, but I think we will be well prepared for each game. Though we started off with an ugly loss at USC, we bounced back with a win at UCLA.

Those games are learning experiences and we will use them to get better and to reach our full potential by the end of the season. With the right positive mindset every day, we will only get better.

Go Buffs!