Bart Scott's streak spanned a lot of changes

Bart Scott -- Mr. Can't Wait -- had to practice patience Sunday when he was sidelined due to a toe injury, marking the end of his 119 consecutive games played streak. The last time the Jets' linebacker missed a game was Jan. 2, 2005, when he was with the Baltimore Ravens.

That’s not the only difference between then and now. To frame the streak’s significance, here are some of the changes that have taken place, and what was happening on the field and in the world since Scott last sat out.

Five different iPads and six generations of iPhones have been released.

The New York Jets have had four different starting quarterbacks and three head coaches.

The average price of gas in New York state rose from $1.96 to $4.04 a gallon.

Mark Sanchez was in his senior year at Mission Viejo High School.

The New Orleans Hornets’ home court was in Oklahoma City.

YouTube didn’t exist.

There have been five different NFL Super Bowl champions.

Mario’s "Let Me Love You" peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Facebook was only for college students.

Twitter did not exist.

"Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith" was North America’s highest grossing movie of the year at $380M.

Michael Jordan and Juanita Jordan were still married.