Lexie Brown hoping to go out in style

Check out the fatheads! Lexie Brown says the support North Gwinnett has received from its fans has been amazing. Courtesy Ty Freeman

We have finally started our region tournament, and I am so excited to get the postseason under way. My teammates and I have worked so hard this season to get to this point, and we can’t let up now. Our motto for the postseason is “8 Games of Greatness.”

The state championship is on March 9, and my goal is to still be playing at that point. After this last go-round in the playoffs, I will have completed my high school career. I have experienced so much success and victory with my team these past three seasons at North Gwinnett, so playoff time this year is bittersweet.

My team this year has accomplished what no other basketball team has in school history, and we are one of the most successful senior classes to come out of this basketball program. When I first got to North Gwinnett, one of the first things Coach [Bryan] Sellers told us was that we need to leave the program better than we found it. I am pretty sure that we have done just that!

One of the most amazing things that I have experienced while playing at North is the way we have impacted the community. When I first got here we had fans, but not a huge number. Now we always have a lot of people at our games, and our student section is awesome! My favorite thing to see when I am playing is the young girls’ basketball players who are in the stands. They always are in their basketball stuff and cheering so loud for us! We have become role models for the girls in our community.

High School basketball, of course, is about winning state championships, but I haven’t reached that goal yet. Hopefully this year will be our year.

I have never been so excited, anxious, prepared or nervous for playoffs before. Maybe it’s because this is it for me. I so badly want this team to be remembered forever, and I have a good feeling that we can make a huge run. My teammates have my back and I have theirs, so I am no too worried. This season has been unforgettable, to say the least, but I don’t want to be done yet! We have about four weeks left to have “8 Games of Greatness.”