It's Awesome, Baby!

No one loves college basketball more than Dick Vitale. But these painted fans might be a close second. Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

In honor of Dick Vitale's 75th birthday today, here are 10 of the coach-turned-broadcaster's signature words and catchphrases -- known as "Vitalisms" -- and their meanings.

1. Diaper Dandy: An exceptional freshman

2. P.T.P.: A prime-time player

3. Cream Puff Delight: A coach who has his/her team play an easy schedule

4. It's awesome with a capital A, baby!: A play, player or game that's really, really awesome

5. All-AT&T Team: Players who can shoot from long distance

6. MIA-er: A player who disappoints during big moments of a game

7. Dow Joneser: An inconsistent player

8. Dipsy-doo Dunk-a-roo: A highlight-worthy slam dunk

9. Surf and Turfer: A superstar

10. Drillin' Reggies When They Need Pete Roses: When a team is shooting 3-pointers but they should be taking closer shots

And if you still can't get enough Dickie V., check out a clip from his very first broadcast in 1979 and a video of his ESPN colleagues doing their best impressions of his iconic catchphrases.