Royal Visit To Nets-Cavs Was All That And A Box Of Popcorn

By now you’re probably SO totally over Price William and Kate’s courtside appearance at the Cleveland Cavaliers-Brooklyn Nets game and are likely sick of debating if the Dutchess of Cambridge or Queen B got more starstruck during their meeting.

But you really need to make room in your heart for just one more picture from the Royal visit. While the meetings with Beyonce and Jay-Z and LeBron James all but broke the Internet (sorry, Kim K.!), it’s this image below that should bring all the LOLs. Will and Kate were seated next to NBA legend Dikembe Mutombo, and he hilariously shared his popcorn with the two. It’s truly the stuff that Twitter is made for.

Yes, it is totally acceptable to make this picture your wallpaper on your phone, laptop or tablet right now. I know I am.

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