Believe it or not...

Count this semi-lifelike wax figure of Bernard Hopkins as one of Ripley's many treasures. Jeff Fusco/Getty Images

On this day in 1918, the famed "Ripley’s Believe it or Not!” made its debut in the New York Globe. Originally created as a sports-themed cartoon called “Champs and Chumps,” it quickly expanded to include broader topics and the name changed to the one we know today in 1919. The concept proved so popular, founder and one-time brief member of the New York Giants baseball team Robert Ripley helped develop it to other mediums, including a 1930 radio series. Since then, it has spread to film, television, books, Facebook, Twitter, and a chain of museums across the globe. Sports remain a central focus of the franchise and various books dedicated to the most bizarre sports stories have been published.