On the scene at Super Bowl XLVIII

Anna Wilson, a sophomore at Collegiate (Richmond, Va.), is one of the best high school basketball players in the nation. The 5-foot-7 point guard, who has given a verbal commitment to Stanford, is also the sister of NFL star Russell Wilson. She is blogging for espnW this weekend about her Super Bowl XLVIII adventures.


I'm with a world champion, my brother, Russell Wilson. Did I mention that this trip is a lot of fun?

It was an incredibly exciting weekend, but the best part is being with family.


It's game day! And we're having our pregame meal -- brunch -- with friends and family in New York. Then we're off to MetLife Stadium!

Here's a picture of a few of us at brunch. From left is my sister-in-law Courtenay Wilson, my cousin Rachel Wilson (who played basketball at Penn, by the way), me, and my oldest brother Harry.

Here's a shot just to show you the support we're sending Russell's way. Friends and family filled up three tables this morning at the restaurant!

And, at long last, here they are! Our Super Bowl XLVIII tickets! Let the countdown to kickoff begin!

The Wilsons are in the house! Check out this view of the field from our box seats! Less than four hours to kickoff!

Here I am, representing the 12th Man in New Jersey! Go Hawks!

Do I seem a little starstruck? That’s me with Justin Verlander and Shaquille O’Neal! What a day!

Need to see more to believe the kind of day I'm having? That's me, Ashton (Russell's wife), my grandma and my mom with Spike Lee.

And just one more. Because that's Jamie Foxx. We're trying to do a selfie and a video at the same time!

Enough about the stars in our box. How about the fireworks in the halftime sky!

So crazy to think that my brother is about to win the Super Bowl ...

It's final. Seattle 43, Denver 8. Go Hawks!

And there he is, up at the podium for his news conference. Surreal.

And there's the 12th Man celebrating. As champions!


We are on our way to New Jersey at last, and Russell sent me a couple great pictures that will give you a behind-the-scenes look at the Super Bowl atmosphere. I thought you'd like to take a look.

Here's a photo of Russell's locker for the next couple days.

And here is Russell on the field -- he's the one in the middle -- before those stands fill up with all of us fans!


Today was my last day of school before heading to Super Bowl XLVIII with several of my family members. I can't wait! I am immensely excited to be a part of such an incredible experience, and hopefully this will be the first of many. I will be taking plenty of pictures between now and kickoff!

My school, Collegiate, celebrated "Roar For Russell" Day on Friday. Here I am with second-grader Cooper Winston, pointing out our favorite player.

Here's a shot from outside Collegiate's Hershey Center for the Arts at the end of the day.

Check back later. There's lots more to come!