Amy Purdy + Muhammad Ali = Serious Inspiration

Need some inspiration before the weekend? You’re about to get it -- and then some. On Friday morning, Toyota released its brand-new Super Bowl commercial featuring Paralympic snowboarder and all-around awesome person Amy Purdy.

In the spot, Purdy goes about her (incredible) daily life -- you know, snowboarding, dancing, running, posing for photo shoots -- while Muhammad Ali’s legendry “How Great I Am” speech booms over her. Set to air during the first quarter of the game, the ad is part of the brand’s “One Bold Choice Leads to Another” campaign for the 2015 Camry. But honestly, this video is so compelling, you might actually forget it’s a commercial, until, that is, you see the car prominently shown at the end. But you really should just watch this one.

Warning: You might want to get a sweater or a coat handy because you’re about to get some serious chills.

And if that’s not enough Purdy for you for one day, you can catch her today during the X Games coverage on ESPN and ESPN3.

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