Do Wins Grow On Trees For Dawn Staley And South Carolina?

It’s been a busy and successful few months for South Carolina women’s basketball coach Dawn Staley. From holding the No. 1 ranking for most of the season to compiling a 24-1 record so far, Staley and her Gamecocks have been all business since the fall. So much so, certain aspects of her personal life have taken a bit of a backseat.

Case in point: Her Christmas tree. While she did find time to put one up in her home, she hasn’t exactly found any time to take it down. Seriously. It’s still displayed in her living room despite the holiday being, you know, nearly two months ago.

Thankfully, as her team continues to win, Staley has been able to justify its continued existence by claiming it to be lucky. Fans of the team have followed suit.

Staley seemed grateful to know she wasn’t the only one out there still in the holiday spirit.

There really is a fine line between luck and laziness, apparently.

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