Power Rankings: No. 13 Green Bay Packers

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The Green Bay Packers are two teams: One with quarterback Aaron Rodgers and one without him.

Rodgers has played seven full games this season, leading the Packers to a 5-2 record and an average of 30.3 points per game. Without him over most of the past two weeks, the Packers are 0-2 and averaging 16.5 points per game.

So it's not surprising to see the Packers fall from No. 8 two weeks ago to No. 13 now. The real question, in both the Power Rankings and real life, is whether they will be buried by the time Rodgers returns from a fractured left collarbone. He won't play Sunday at the New York Giants, who have won three consecutive games, and his original timetable makes him questionable at best for a Week 12 game against the Minnesota Vikings.

Could he return in time for the Thanksgiving Day game at the Detroit Lions? Possibly. In either event, if you concede that the Packers will need a 10-6 record to earn a playoff spot, you realize they can only lose two more games for the rest of this season -- with or without Rodgers -- to get there.

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