Starter Pack: Rodgers on Tolzien

A roundup of what’s happening on the Green Bay Packers beat.

Aaron Rodgers knows what it is like to be a backup quarterback, having done so behind Brett Favre for three seasons before he became a starter in 2008.

So it’s interesting to note what Rodgers says about those players who play behind him now.

During his weekly 540 ESPN Milwaukee radio show on Tuesday, Rodgers discussed the preparation of Scott Tolzien, who will start for the Packers on Sunday at the New York Giants. He compared it not only to his own but also to Matt Flynn, who backed up Rodgers from 20008-11 and was re-signed on Tuesday to serve in the same capacity this week for Tolzien.

“He’s a perfectionist,” Rodgers said of Tolzien. “I can relate to that."

“Back in 2006, we started doing weekly reports,” Rodgers said of his days as a backup. “I would watch hours and hours and film of write up a report on the entire secondary. Back then it was just Brett and I. I would do the corners and the safeties, and I would give him and the room a report of what I saw, what I think would work. It wasn’t like I was giving Brett anything he would use in the game. I think it was more to get me into a routine of preparation, watching the film I should be watching and looking for the things that I should be looking for, and it really taught me a lot about preparation.

“And I say that because I’ve watched Seneca [Wallace] and Scott go through this the first few weeks, and it’s been impressive to watch both of them with their approach. But Scott reminds me of a young Matt, and I said that before Matt was here. … That is a compliment. When Matt came in, you saw a lot of growth with the way that he was throwing it and then his approach, and I think since Scott’s been here, you’ve seen him, he’s been throwing it better since the first day he got here. His approach has been very solid. He’s very detail oriented. It’s been impressive to watch him make plays on the scout team.”

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