Minor hand injury doesn't damper Vince Biegel's dream day with Packers

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Vince Biegel’s first day with the Green Bay Packers didn’t go quite as planned. But that’s OK, according to the rookie outside linebacker from Wisconsin.

A left hand injury -- which he and coach Mike McCarthy called “minor” -- knocked him out of the first practice of rookie camp on Friday. That’s about the only thing that hasn’t gone right for the former Wisconsin Badgers standout who grew up less than two hours from Lambeau Field in the town of Wisconsin Rapids.

“Obviously, I was really looking forward to this moment, but this is going to be a bumpy road,” said Biegel, a fourth-round pick. “There’s ups and downs in this journey. And I’ve got a tremendous amount of support here. I’ve got great coaches, I’ve got a great support staff, great medical staff here. So the hand injury is not a concern, but I’m staying positive and I’m looking forward to tomorrow.”

Biegel underwent X-rays on his hand, which he said he hyperextended during a blocking drill, and the results will determine whether he practices Saturday.

Otherwise, it’s been a dream journey for the 23-year-old lifelong Packers fan, who shortly after he was drafted posted a picture on Twitter of himself in a Brett Favre jersey as a kid.

“I think I can speak for myself and all the rookies here -- but I think especially given my situation, being from Wisconsin, it was really kind of a surreal moment to check out the locker room, check out the staff out there, check out the indoor facility, the weight room, the training tables, the training room,” Biegel said. “It was really a cool experience. And I’m extremely blessed, and I cannot wait to continue to play for [fans in] Wisconsin. I went to high school here, college football here, and obviously my pro career here as well. So I feel extremely blessed and excited for the opportunity here.”

If there’s extra pressure on Biegel because he’s a Wisconsin kid, McCarthy hasn’t seen it.

“[Do] you know Vince? I think he’s going to be fine,” McCarthy said. “He drove here; he was the first one here, he sat in the front row. He’s off to a great start. I think he’s going to be fine.”

Biegel went through the early drills in practice but then left the Don Hutson Center. He wasn't the only player to depart practice. Second-round pick Josh Jones and fifth-rounder DeAngelo Yancey had trouble with cramps.

“My whole body is ready to go,” Biegel said. “This is football. You get nicks and bruises. I’m not concerned about this at all moving forward.”