Malachi Dupre does his best Davante Adams, Jordy Nelson impersonation

Rookie receiver Malachi Dupre worked with the No. 1 offense at practice on Tuesday. Mark Hoffman/Journal Sentinel via USA TODAY Sports

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- If you didn’t see the No. 19 on the back of his jersey, it would have been easy to confuse Malachi Dupre for Davante Adams or Jordy Nelson during Green Bay Packers minicamp.

There was a 6-foot-2 receiver busting down the right sideline to haul in a 54-yard touchdown pass during a no-huddle drill.

But it wasn’t Adams or Nelson. It was Dupre, the rookie seventh-round draft pick from LSU who caught the dart from Brett Hundley and beat Cover 2 for a touchdown. It’s the most eye-catching play of the first day of Packers minicamp this week.

“I think Malachi’s a really good football player,” Packers receivers coach Luke Getsy said after the practice. “I think he’s got really good instincts. He’s played a lot of football in college at a high level in a great conference, so all of that helps and shows right now. The different types of offenses that he played in in college have enabled him to catch on to our schemes a little quicker maybe than others. So that part helps as well. But he’s a sharp kid, he works really hard at it. It’s football without pads, so it’s too early to tell. I’m excited what he’s able to do here come August.”

Dupre might have been the steal of the Packers’ 10-member draft class. Once projected as a first-round pick, the Packers got him at No. 247 overall after he had a disappointing 2016 college season in which LSU’s offense struggled.

He was the second of two receivers that general manager Ted Thompson drafted this year. The other was Purdue’s DeAngelo Yancey in the fifth round.

So far, however, it’s Dupre who has jumped out.

“He’s definitely an accomplished receiver coming out of college,” Packers coach Mike McCarthy said. “Yes, he’s done a lot of good things. I’ll tell you, mentally, he’s picked it up probably the quickest of the perimeter group. He’s having a good offseason.”

Perhaps that’s why Dupre worked with the No. 1 offense on Tuesday with veterans of five or more years of experience gone. It was Dupre, Adams and second-year pro Trevor Davis in the three-receiver set.

Still, come September, it might be tough for Dupre to get on the field given the depth at receiver. Last year, the Packers kept seven receivers on their roster coming out of training camp, including Ty Montgomery who later transitioned to running back. But it didn't include Geronimo Allison, a mid-season addition from the practice squad.

“I’m stepping into a room with a lot of veteran guys and I’m just excited to take that next step and show those guys the respect that they’ve earned and that they deserve and show them I belong just by knowing my playbook,” Dupre said. “They’re always joking like, ‘Man, you’re quick to answer. You’re spitting out answers right after another.’ And I just want to keep doing that to show them how much I respect the room and how much I respect the game and that I’m taking this opportunity very seriously."