Ty Montgomery 'not worried' about fumble, says run game will find rhythm

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Ty Montgomery does not have a fumbling problem.

That was his position coach's view last week after the Green Bay Packers running back put a couple of balls on the ground during training camp.

"I feel pretty confident that he can hold onto the ball pretty good," said Ben Sirmans, the Packers' second-year running-backs coach.

Since, Montgomery fumbled again -- this time in Thursday's preseason opener against the Philadelphia Eagles. It's unknown if Sirmans' opinion has changed, but Montgomery insisted Friday that ball security is not an issue.

"I'm not worried about it," Montgomery said.

Montgomery's fumble came on his only positive-yardage run in three carries against the Eagles. He lost 3 yards on a poorly blocked play and then gained 5 when Eagles defensive tackle Fletcher Cox ripped the ball away before Montgomery could get his other arm over the ball.

"I was trying to [cover the ball with both arms]," Montgomery said. "It felt like a guy or two had my other arm, but I should've double-wrapped it sooner. I thought I could explode through a hole and run through the tackle, and I wasn't expecting that guy to get his hand in there like that."

Montgomery had one more carry -- a 2-yard loss -- and an 8-yard reception before he and the rest of the starting offense was done for the night.

The third-year pro fumbled twice (losing one) last season -- both in the Week 6 game against the Dallas Cowboys, which was his first after converting from receiver to running back.

"I feel pretty good about his ball security," Sirmans said earlier in the week. "He's pretty strong. He's got a pretty strong upper body. I think last year, he had just the one fumble against Dallas, then you look at how many times he carried the ball since then and he was pretty solid. It's something where you're always worry about, even if a guy has one fumble in 300 carries, you still worry about it, especially as a position coach. But I feel pretty confident that he can hold onto the ball pretty good."

Neither Montgomery nor any of the rookie running backs battling for a spot behind him got much going in the running game against the Eagles. Fourth-round pick Jamaal Williams replaced Montgomery and rushed for 14 yards on four carries. Fifth-round pick Aaron Jones had two carries for zero yards and seventh-rounder Devante Mays did not touch the ball.

"I don't think preseason is something you can really judge because you're trying to give guys chances and no one can really get into a rhythm because they're only in there for seven plays at a time," Montgomery said.

Still, Packers coach Mike McCarthy said there was plenty of good teaching tape to work off of when the team returns to practice Sunday.

"Run production was not very good," McCarthy said.

"We'll work on that Sunday, that's an emphasis for our Sunday practice as we set the schedule this morning with our coaching staff. A lot of good tape. A lot of good things to learn from. And had some tough angles in the run game, and shoot, that's good football. This game, we don't play the game on a chalkboard. You have to be able to play through those situations and we'll be better for it."