Missed the Packers' bobsled celebration? Check out the T-shirt

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- The Green Bay Packers' receivers aren't just coming up with original touchdown celebrations, they're having T-shirts made to commemorate them.

And they're clearly having fun with the NFL's new relaxed policy on touchdown celebrations.

Their latest came after Davante Adams caught the first touchdown of Sunday's win at the Dallas Cowboys. They pretended to jump in a bobsled and take it for a run. By Wednesday afternoon, Adams and Jordy Nelson were wearing the T-shirts that memorialized it.

"Jordy came up with the idea to do this," Adams said. "So when you talk to him, give him a hard time about it."

The T-shirts show Randall Cobb, Adams and Nelson crouched over like they're riding in the bobsled. The only problem, there's no three-man bobsled in the Olympics; it's either two-man or four-man.

"I was trying to think of different things sports or activities that different people do that you can have fun with," Nelson said. "I think it's been great for the league to allow us to go back to the group celebrations. I think it's more enjoyable than an individual dancing over there by the pylon. I think guys have gotten creative with it. I'm a little upset with one that happened Monday night because that was in our back pocket. It's a challenge now to keep thinking of new ones."

Nelson must have been talking about the Vikings' game of duck-duck-goose to celebrate a touchdown on Monday night against the Bears. Or as they apparently call it in Minnesota, "duck-duck-gray duck."

"It's definitely goose, 100 percent," Nelson said. "I've never heard of [gray duck] in my life. Has anyone else heard of gray duck?"

Whatever it's called, it probably won't be part of the Packers' next celebration now.

"We might have some more stuff in store," Adams said.

They just better make sure they give their quarterback a T-shirt.

"I want a shirt, size large," Aaron Rodgers said. "We'll see if I get one."