Packers' Super Bowl odds improving

GREEN BAY, Wis. – Once left for dead by many because of the collarbone injury to Aaron Rodgers, the Green Bay Packers have again become a popular Super Bowl pick thanks to the return of their MVP quarterback.

In the latest odds released by the online sports gambling service Bovada, the 8-7-1 Packers have the sixth-best odds to win the Super Bowl among the 12 playoff teams.

“It seems that every year the last few weeks leading up to the playoffs we see an influx of money on a trendy team, a team that is usually coming in hot, and we saw that with the Packers who a few weeks ago were at 50-1 and are now all the way down to 14-1,” said Kevin Bradley, the Sports Book manager for Bovada. “The Packers are right now a big liability for the book and after taking a beating the last two years on Super Bowl Future odds with the Giants and Ravens, I am hoping the third time is not a charm.

“Aside from Green Bay, Philadelphia has seen some money at 16-1 while a team like New Orleans at an interesting 22-1 are not being touched.”

Here are the full odds to win the Super Bowl and each conference, courtesy of Bovada:

Odds to win Super Bowl XLVIII

  • Denver Broncos: 11/4

  • Seattle Seahawks: 11/4

  • San Francisco 49ers: 7/1

  • New England Patriots: 9/1

  • Carolina Panthers: 10/1

  • Green Bay Packers: 14/1

  • Cincinnati Bengals: 16/1

  • Philadelphia Eagles: 16/1

  • New Orleans Saints: 22/1

  • Kansas City Chiefs: 25/1

  • Indianapolis Colts: 28/1

  • San Diego Chargers: 40/1

Odds to win the NFC

  • Seattle Seahawks: 10/11

  • Carolina Panthers: 5/1

  • San Francisco 49ers: 5/1

  • Green Bay Packers : 8/1

  • Philadelphia Eagles: 9/1

  • New Orleans Saints: 14/1

Odds to win the AFC

  • Denver Broncos: 5/7

  • New England Patriots: 7/2

  • Cincinnati Bengals: 7/1

  • Indianapolis Colts: 14/1

  • Kansas City Chiefs: 14/1

  • San Diego Chargers: 18/1