Packers won't use variable ticket pricing

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- On the day the Detroit Lions became the first NFL team to enact variable ticket pricing, the Green Bay Packers said Monday they will not follow suit.

Last season, the NFL began discussing the idea that ticket prices could be adjusted essentially by the importance of the game, meaning the cost of preseason games could be lowered while prices for certain regular-season games could be raised.

“We won’t be using variable pricing this year but will monitor such programs as they’re used for the 2014 season," Packers director of public affairs Aaron Popkey said Monday.

The Packers typically keep their ticket prices at around the league average.

The team has made small price increases each of the last four years. Last year, seats in the main bowl increased by between $2 and $5 per game and ranged in price from $74 (end zone) to $97 (between the 20-yard lines).

The Packers have not announced yet whether they will raise prices again this coming season.

As part of the Lions' variable pricing plan, the Packers’ annual game in Detroit will be part of the highest-tier prices, according to the Detroit Free Press.

The Lions will have three pricing points with the lowest being for preseason games, the middle being for non-prime-time games and other less popular opponents, while the highest being for games against the Packers, Chicago Bears, either Miami Dolphins or Buffalo Bills (depending on which team the Lions play on Thanksgiving) and any prime-time games.