Rodgers: Difficult to copy Seattle D

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Like everyone else, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers watched the Seattle Seahawks' defense dominate the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XVLIII.

Given the copy-cat nature of the NFL, it's worth wondering if the Packers -- and other teams -- will try to emulate what Seahawks general manager John Schneider did with his defense. He found tall cornerbacks, hard-hitting safeties, a defensive line that can pass rush without the aid of many blitzes and linebackers who can run.

Rodgers, who studies defenses for a living, isn't sure that anyone will be able to replicate what the Seahawks do.

While acknowledging the Packers need to make improvements on both sides of the ball, including to their 25th-ranked defense from a year ago, Rodgers did not sound like he expected the Packers to resemble the Seahawks' defense any time soon.

"With all due respect, I don't think it's possible to play at that kind of level for many other teams in this league, if any," Rodgers said Tuesday on his ESPN 540 Milwaukee radio show. "That's a talented group that's one of the top that's been around the league for a long time. I don't think that should be our goal.

"We do need to improve on both sides of the ball, but that team has a unique mixture of secondary talent that's as good a group in the league as you can see and then a front seven that really plays well together. It should maybe be the standards we're going for, but it might be a little unrealistic to think of any defense being as good as that for the next couple years."

Among the topics Rodgers addressed on his final radio show of the season were:

  • On being presented with the Bart Starr Award in New York last week: "That for me was definitely the highlight of the [Super Bowl] weekend, getting to see Bart and [his wife] Cherry. ... The biggest thrill for me was getting to see Bart and his wife. Bart is just such a class individual. I was really honored to receive that award and be able to spend some time with him. He looked great, and it was fun to get to chat with him and just listen to him talk. He's such a man of wisdom and just honored to receive that award."

  • On what's next for the Packers: "I think that's going to be our biggest task, is to get refocused this year on what's really important, come together, make the necessary sacrifices as a team to achieve the goal that we all want, and that's to be playing, not attending the Super Bowl. It's going to be an exciting offseason. This is one of the more exciting days, yesterday on Monday, because it's kind of the start of the new season. The Seahawks are the champs, and now everybody's back on the same level playing field, and it's about what are you going to do from now until the beginning of training camp ... to get yourself ready to make the kind of run we want to make."

  • On Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman: "I'm just going to say that I'd love to have Richard Sherman on my team. He's a supremely talented player. He brings a swagger to the field. It's emotional when you're in those moments after you've won a big time game and he made the play of the game, his tip to his teammate for the interception. He's a talented guy. He did a great job in the two weeks between that moment and the Super Bowl of letting people see the kind of person he is."

  • On a possible return by safety Nick Collins, who apparently wants to try to play again: "That would be incredible. Nick is an unbelievable talent. I believe, personally, and I'm a little biased because we were drafted in the same class and I got to see him play for a number of years, I believe he had Hall of Fame potential without a doubt. The guy could cover more field than, the only I guy I saw that could compare was Sean Taylor with the amount of ground those guys could cover, and [Earl] Thomas does it now for Seattle. There's very few guys that can go sideline to sideline as a deep safety, and Nick could do it. He's a great locker room guy and just a fun guy to be around. It's been great to have him at games the last two years, but I know inside he still has that itch. It's tough when you're told you can't play anymore before you're ready to give that up. I don't know what his medical status is, but Nick is a good friend and an incredible talent."

  • On the future of tight end Jermichael Finley, who is coming off a neck injury and will be a free agent: "Like anybody that follows him on Twitter [and] has been tracking his progress, it's exciting to see his progress. He's a unique talent; the guy is supremely talented. I loved spending time with him, getting to become better friends with him, spending time on Saturday nights going through game plans, talking about what he likes for the next day as far as route running. That was always fun conversations that I enjoyed our time together. I hope that whether it's with us or with another team that he's going to be able to continue his career, because the NFL is more exciting with him in it, and it would be great to have him back."