Meet the coaches: Winston Moss

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Last week, Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy announced changes to his coaching staff.

This week, some of the new coaches and some of the returning ones with new responsibilities met with reporters.

We'll introduce you to them throughout the week. First, there was running backs coach Sam Gash followed by assistant special teams coach Ron Zook and then assistant linebackers coach Scott McCurley.

Next up is assistant head coach/linebackers coach Winston Moss, who added outside linebackers to his duties.

The 48-year-old former NFL linebacker for 11 seasons with the Buccaneers, Raiders and Seahawks has been on McCarthy's staff since the beginning. In 2006 he was the linebackers coach before being promoted to assistant head coach the following season.

When Dom Capers was hired as defensive coordinator in 2009 and converted the Packers from a 4-3 to a 3-4 scheme, Moss worked exclusively with the inside linebackers. But with the resignation of outside linebackers coach Kevin Greene last month, Moss took over all of the linebackers, along with help from McCurley.

Here's what Moss had to say on:

Consolidating the linebackers into one group: "I'm sure that dynamic will take care of itself. If you've noticed, those guys really get along well. A.J. [Hawk] has really developed as far as being a very good communicator and interacted extremely well with the defense this past year. Now, those guys just being in the same room, I think that they'll really be able to share more than anything. And so, that should really help out, just the continuity, just the chemistry and camaraderie. Those are all positive things."

Evolving as a coach: "I think there's an experience factor. I think I keep it very, very simple. I'm very demanding. I'm very consistent. I'm very fair. The main thing that I focus on is identifying what each and every single person goes about their skill-set and goes about their way differently. I try to identify and I try to push their buttons. I think that I would try to coach A.J. differently than I would try to coach Brad [Jones]. I think that I would speak to Jamari Lattimore differently than the way I spoke to Robert [Francois]. I have experience with Clay [Matthews] and [Nick] Perry and the rest of those [outside linebackers]. Obviously, once I have that one-on-one relationship with them to where on a day-to-basis that I can focus on them, then I will be able to grow with them and find out. It's all going to be a relationship in which it's going to be based upon trusting one another and getting to know one another. From there, we would anticipate everything working out very well."

His interaction with the outside linebackers in the past: "No more than any other position. I think the outside linebackers, as much as the outside linebackers have a coordination with the inside guys, you can say the same thing about the defensive line, the safeties and the corners. I think I have been able to interact with all positions very well, so the outside linebackers will be just one part of my [job]."

This being a good career move: "I wish I can give you a great answer but to be perfectly honest with you, my focus right now has been expanded not to two positions but in essence four positions. So my focus is clearly to get those guys to play at the highest level possible."