Capers understands Greene's decision

INDIANAPOLIS – Green Bay Packers defensive coordinator Dom Capers has known Kevin Greene since he coached the former outside linebacker with the Pittsburgh Steelers in the early 1990s.

So he knows Greene operates only one way -- full throttle.

That’s why Capers said he understood why Greene resigned as the Packers outside linebackers coach last month after five seasons on the job. Greene cited the desire to spend more time with his wife and teenage children as his reasons.

“I’ve always believed in this business family comes first, and I truly believe it was a family decision for Kevin,” Capers said. “Both of his children are in high school and whether you like it or not in this business, we spend a lot of time in that stadium. It’s always tough, especially if your son is a player and you aren’t getting a chance to experience those things with him. Knowing Kevin, once he commits to something he’s committed to it, and his family’s extremely important to him.”

Packers coach Mike McCarthy said he wasn’t surprised by Greene’s decision.

“I clearly understand and respect it,” McCarthy said.

However, when asked whether he asked Capers to make changes on his defensive staff, McCarthy would not comment.

“I wouldn’t discuss that if I did anyway,” McCarthy said. “But for the record, I control the coaching staff. Dom doesn’t control the defensive staff.”

Upon Greene’s departure, the Packers brought together all the linebackers under assistant head coach Winston Moss, who previously coached only the inside linebackers. Scott McCurley was promoted to assistant linebackers coach and will help Moss handle the entire group.

“Having Winston oversee the whole group, I think the communication there just from a structure standpoint will improve,” McCarthy said. “It’s nothing against Kevin or the other guys, it’s just the fact now you’ve got all those body types in one room if you do want to have more flexibility. Scott has been preparing, I’ve been preparing Scott for this opportunity for a long time, so this was all part of the potential options for the future planning of the coaching staff.”

Greene, a 15-year NFL player who had never been on a coaching staff before he joined the Packers, resigned after five years on the job -- the minimum to be vested in the coaches’ retirement plan. The Packers still participate in that plan even though in 2009 several NFL teams opted out.