Keep him or dump him: Poll results

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Last week, we posed a question about five of the Green Bay Packers' key free agents: Keep him or dump him?

With the official start of free agency just a few hours away, let's take a look at the poll results.

Of the five -- tight end Jermichael Finley, receiver James Jones, center Evan Dietrich-Smith, defensive tackle B.J. Raji and outside linebacker Mike Neal -- only one received more "dump him" votes than "keep him."

It was Finley, the mercurial tight end who is coming off neck surgery. As of noon Monday, 51 percent clicked on the "dump him" button.

Here are the full results for each player:

Jermichael Finley

  • Total votes: 8,335

  • Re-sign him: 49 percent

  • Let him walk: 51 percent

James Jones

  • Total votes: 6,716

  • Re-sign him: 62 percent

  • Let him walk: 38 percent

Evan Dietrich-Smith

  • Total votes: 3,762

  • Re-sign him: 76 percent

  • Let him walk: 24 percent

B.J. Raji

  • Total votes: 3,067

  • Re-sign him: 53 percent

  • Let him walk: 47 percent

Mike Neal

  • Total votes: 2,412

  • Re-sign him: 77 percent

  • Let him walk: 23 percent