Goodson, from point guard to cornerback

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Even if new Green Bay Packers cornerback Demetri Goodson wanted the advice of someone who had gone through the switch from college basketball to football -- and for the record, he did not -- who would he have called?

Not Antonio Gates. Not Jimmy Graham. Not Julius Peppers. Not Julius Thomas.

Not anyone.

After all, none of them had attempted to go from point guard to cornerback.

Those four -- and the rest of the former basketball players who have made the transition to the NFL -- were forwards who turned into either tight ends or defensive ends.

As far as Goodson – who transferred to Baylor to play football after three years of basketball at Gonzaga -- could tell, there were no former major college point guards turned cornerback in the NFL.

Until now, that is.

"That's what my coach said at Baylor," Goodson said. "He was like, 'Most guys that transfer over either play running back or wide receiver or something like that.' But I've always been kind of a hard-nosed guy, I like to hit and stuff like that. I feel like I'm one of a kind, that's for sure."

While high-scoring Gonzaga isn't exactly known for its defense -- "not true," Goodson claimed -- the 5-foot-11, 194-pound 24-year-old said there is plenty of carryover from basketball to the cornerback position even if not many have made that transition.

"I think it helps me out, just the lateral movement, the quick twitch movements, playing man-to-man defense helps me out playing cornerback," Goodson said. "I think that definitely helped me out."

Most people thought Goodson was crazy for leaving a nationally-known program like Gonzaga to resume a football career that had been on hold for five years.

Count Gonzaga basketball coach Mark Few among them.

"He was like 'What, you're going to play football?'" Goodson said. "I just felt like he didn't really know me, he never saw me play [football], so that's why he was kind of like 'What, you want to go play football?' But I feel like my brother and all my friends knew because they had seen me play in the past."

The Packers picked Goodson in the sixth round, but he believes he would have been drafted earlier had it not been for his time away from football and his age (he will turn 25 on June 11).

If his transition to the NFL is anything like his reintroduction to football at Baylor, then the Packers should expect big things.

"I actually didn't get to Baylor until two weeks before the first game, so I didn't play the first game," Goodson said. "The second game, I was on kickoff and against Kansas State the third game of the season, I told Coach to put me back deep. So they put me back there, and the very first kickoff I ran it like 60 yards and everybody was looking around and was like 'Oh man, this guy can play.' So it just kind of rolled from there."