Mock draft redo: Eddie Goldman to Packers

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- No one will grant Ted Thompson a redo if he botches the 30th pick in the NFL draft.

Whatever player he selects -- if he does not trade out of the first round, that is -- he and the Green Bay Packers must live with for the foreseeable future.

But this reporter is not the Green Bay Packers general manager, and nowhere in the ESPN NFL Nation playbook does it say we have to live with our pick from Monday's mock draft.

So scratch everything you saw or read from Monday, when the pick for the Packers at No. 30 was LSU cornerback Jalen Collins.

It's hard to see that happening now, and not just because ESPN analysts Todd McShay and Bill Polian ripped the pick on national television.

The pick was actually made Friday during a mock draft run-through. When Cowboys reporter Todd Archer took UCLA linebacker Eric Kendricks at No. 27, that essentially narrowed the choices for the Packers to two players -- Collins and Florida State defensive tackle Eddie Goldman -- although it might have been a stretch to take Kendricks (or any of the inside linebackers at 30) anyway.

At that point, with just a few minutes to make the pick, text messages went out to a pair of NFL scouts. Unfortunately, both were locked in draft meetings, so no help there.

The idea of a tall (6-foot-1) cornerback who could play all three downs seemed like a better choice – especially when you consider the void that Tramon Williams left when he signed with the Cleveland Browns early in free agency -- than a two-down, run-stopping defensive lineman.

Goldman then went two picks later, when Patriots reporter Mike Reiss wisely grabbed him.

It wasn't long after that when one of the scouts' draft meetings broke and a reply came in. He said: "Better pick Goldman. Collins has issues."

Ugh. Too late.

Sure, it was only one scout's opinion, but in this business you learn to trust those who evaluate players for a living rather than relying on your hunches and untrained evaluations.

Hours later, the news broke that Collins had failed multiple drug tests during his college career.

The other scout eventually replied to say simply that he did not think Collins would be there at No. 30, which seems to be the minority opinion. McShay said of Collins: "He belongs in the second round."

Even if Collins is available at No. 30, the positive drug tests and a recent foot injury suggest he might not be a Thompson kind of player even if Thompson would love to give defensive coordinator Dom Capers and coach Mike McCarthy a long, athletic cover man.

There was still time to change the pick before Monday's show, but not at the expense of Reiss and the Patriots. Goldman was no longer an option.

However, he might be when the Packers' turn comes later this evening, and with the benefit of hindsight -- something Thompson won't have -- Goldman would have been the better pick.

"I would've gone Eddie Goldman here," Polian said after the Collins pick in the mock draft. "I think he's a much better fit."

So with a mulligan, the pick for the Packers is Goldman.

Now watch, Thompson will draft Collins.