Clinton-Dix's deal almost fully guaranteed

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Being selected 21st overall in the NFL draft has its advantages.

The contract safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix signed on Friday with the Green Bay Packers is almost fully guaranteed.

Had Clinton-Dix been taken as little as one spot later, his rookie deal might not have contained as much guaranteed money.

According to salary data obtained by ESPN Stats & Information, Clinton-Dix's four-year, $8,338,500 contract contained $7,559,967 in total guarantees. That included a $4,384,364 signing bonus as well as guaranteed base salaries in all four years.

Since the new CBA went into effect in 2011, when rookie contracts began to follow a slotting system, only players in roughly the top two-thirds of the first round received all four years of their base salaries fully guaranteed. Last year’s No. 22 overall pick, Atlanta Falcons cornerback Desmond Trufant, had his base salaries fully guaranteed for just the first three years. In the fourth year only $300,000 of his $918,558 base was guaranteed.

This year's No. 22 overall pick, quarterback Johnny Manziel of the Cleveland Browns, has not signed his contract yet but could be the first player selected in that spot to have all four of his base salaries fully guaranteed.

Here's a breakdown of Clinton-Dix's contract:


  • Cash value: $4,804,364

  • Salary-cap charge: $1,516,091

  • Signing bonus: $4,384,364 (guaranteed money)

  • Base salary: $420,000 (guaranteed)


  • Cash value: $799,023

  • Salary-cap charge: $1,895,114

  • Base salary: $799,023 (guaranteed)


  • Cash value: $1,178,046

  • Salary-cap charge: $2,274,137

  • Base salary: $1,178,046 (guaranteed)


  • Cash value: $1,557,068

  • Salary-cap charge: $2,653,159

  • Base salary: $778,534 (guaranteed)

  • Roster bonus: $778,534 (to be paid on the fifth day of the league year)